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As an organisation, we pride ourselves on the fact that we offer both an innovative and efficient service to High Technology companies. By working closely with our clients we understand the time and costs involved in recruiting high calibre engineering staff. We fully appreciate the need to find the right fit of person first time round.

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Contract & Time Limited Recruitment

Permanent Recruitment

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Why Choose WHD Consulting Ltd.

Extensive Network of Engineering Professionals

With years of experience in the recruitment industry, we have built an extensive network of highly skilled engineers. This allows us to tap into a diverse talent pool, both locally and internationally, to provide you with a wide range of exceptional candidates who possess the technical expertise and experience you need.

Tailored Solutions to Fit Your Needs

We understand that every company is unique, and we take the time to understand your specific requirements, culture, and goals. By aligning our recruitment strategy with your organization's needs, we provide tailored solutions that ensure the best fit between candidates and your company's ethos.

Streamlined Recruitment Process

At WHD Consulting Ltd., we value your time and aim to make the recruitment process as efficient as possible. Our team employs streamlined processes, leveraging technology and innovative tools to source, screen, and shortlist candidates. We handle the entire process, from initial candidate identification to final selection, enabling you to focus on your core business objectives.

Comprehensive Candidate Assessment

Our recruitment specialists go beyond matching keywords on resumes. We conduct in-depth assessments, combining technical evaluations, behavioral interviews, and reference checks to ensure that the engineers we present to you possess the necessary technical proficiency, problem-solving abilities, and interpersonal skills to excel within your organization.

Long-Term Partnerships

We believe in building long-term partnerships with our clients. Our commitment extends beyond the initial recruitment process, as we provide ongoing support and follow-up to ensure the success of the candidates we place. We are dedicated to your satisfaction and the continued growth of your organization.

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